Crafty Creations

by Eilidh

Thank you for visiting my web page.  Im literally just getting going with all these technical bits and pieces such as online service and social media presence.  

Im Eilidh, living in Inverness, Scotland.  I have always had a passion for arts and crafts and making things with my own two hands.  This passion was passed down through many generations of women in my family, who have always taken pride in their work and also been talented in the process of coming up with unusual and creative ideas, to then implementing them and producing something unique and pretty, such as a window dressage, fancy dress outfits, costume jewellery and much more.

I enjoy spending my evenings and down time creating different things at home. With the amount of people who ask me where I got certain things from and then ask if I could make them the same or similar, it inevitably led to me deciding to have a little go at turning my hobby into a small business venture, which is the stage I am at just now.

If you see anything you like please feel free to call or email me and I will be glad to produce one for you.  

At present this website is only a small introduction site to me but I intend to build upon it and eventually create a small online shop where you can browse and purchase directly from it so please Bookmark my page and don't forget to keep checking back from time to time.

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